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Manual brewing coffee

Why Manual brewing coffee is getting popular?

Manual brewing allows you to control all aspects of brewing your coffee: grind size, water to coffee ratio, water temperature, and brew time. Because you can play with and experiment with all of these elements, you can create the perfect cup for you. If you like a stronger cup of coffee, you could try moka pot. Or you have the option to add more beans and less water. Or, if you want a bright cup of coffee, a DHPO V60 pour-over is perfect, as the filter collects the oils and produces a very clean and bitterless cup. For those who like a full bodied cup of coffee, you should opt for a method like a French Press, which basically immerses the coffee beans in the water.

You can find all of the above Manual brewing coffee appliances at DHPO.

Stainless Steel Moka Pot Stovetop Espresso Coffee Maker.
This FLOURISH Stainless steel moka pot can serves for 2-3 people, so it is suitable for family. Experience delightful flavor in your morning coffee. So the stainless steel moka pot is specifical design for discerning coffee afficionados that appreciate a full bodied aromatic cup of espresso.

moka pots

V60 dripper pour-over coffee maker set.
Elegance, convenience and fresh brewed taste is all included in this V60 dripper pour-over coffee maker set. Which includes a porcelain pour-over cone and a 600ml porcelain serving carafe with a wooden lid. So this brewing method gives you complete control over your pouring style. Such as grind size, saturation of grounds, water flow and temperature, frequency of pours and brewing process time. So all of these variables make a distinct difference in the type, taste and texture of the coffee.

DHPO v60 dripper coffee pot

French Press With Timer.
Use DHPO French press with timer brews a premium cup of Coffee in just 4 minutes. Simply add course ground Coffee, hot water and press. So you don’t need to check the clock or phone, this french press comes with a glass timer inside its wooden handle. Take out your coffee mug, wait for 4 minutes for good coffee!

GORGEOUS french press coffee maker gift set

If you are looking for this type of product to sell, DHPO is a good partner. DHPO is committed to becoming a model in the hand-grinding coffee appliance industry, providing a total solution for coffee enthusiasts.welcome to send inquiry to email KENNY@DONGHAN.CN or via WhatsApp 008613794383172.

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