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DHPO pour over coffee kit

Why DHPO develop this DHPO pour over coffee kit?

Background of why DHPO develop this DHPO pour over coffee kit!

While we like a classic drip coffee maker when a full pot is absolutely necessary and can appreciate the quick convenience of a single-serve pod, a pour-over is the best way to recreate the rich, robust, full-flavored coffee you get at a specialty shop. Besides the soothing ritual involved with making pour-over coffee, the method is favored by professional and amateur baristas alike because a precise pour can extract the most flavor out of your beans into your cup.

When you have thid DHPO pour over coffee kit, everything you need for a professional, pour-over cup of coffee at home or work; just add coffee and water!

This is the best gift or kit for yourself or even your loved ones.

What’s inside the coffee kit?

8 piece set, Purchased now with good discount price!

1. Stainless Kettle 600L with wooden handle, can’t work on works on induction cooker and regular stove.
2. 600ML Server made from heat resistant borosilicate glass
3. Dripper 2-4cups, made from heat resistant ceramic
4. Weighting scale with timer
5. two pieces of 230ml thick wall mug made from heat resistant ceramic
6. Grinder with stainless steel blade, with high-quality PP plastic cover, Stainless steel grinders are best for manual grinding because it helps ensure the blades don’t get damaged, making them last longer. grinders.
7. 50 pieces of filter paper

This DHPO pour over coffee kit comes with a premiem gift box for keeping your products or as a gift.

ceramic and glass coffee kitglass and ceramic coffee set


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