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Why choose DHPO v60 dripper factory?

Do you want to have a good V60 dripper product for wholesale and retail? You could find it at DHPO v60 dripper factory!

Magnificent in its simplicity yet deceptively challenging to perfect, the V60 is both coffee brewer and work of art. The Hario V60 features a simple design that allows you to achieve an amazing cup of drip coffee by perfecting coffee lovers own technique. The tool was made to be as “out of the way” as possible, allowing coffee lovers to focus on all the other parts of the process.

coffee pour over set

This is one of the reason why V60 drippers are popular among coffee lovers and has a huge market potential.

DHPO spent 3 years in developing coffee wares and tea wares design. And the core product is French presses, pour-over coffee maker, manual grinder, coffee kettle and so on. DHPO make great v60 dripper with high-fired ceramic, there are 7 colors including black, gray, white, red, yellow, blue and green. Therefore, sellers could have a series of v60 dripper at their store.

v60 coffee dripper set

If an E-commerce seller looking for new products for sale, DHPO v60 dripper factory is their good choice. Because DHPO drippers comes with good quality, good design, and products comes with premium gift box. So that sellers don’t need to worry about products will break during transportation.

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