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ceramic v60 dripper factory

What advantages of DHPO ceramic v60 dripper factory?

Before we start What advantages of DHPO ceramic v60 dripper factory, fast read the background of v60 dripper.

With their unique conical beehive silhouette, all versions of the V60 perform the same task. Letting hot water infuse with coffee grounds before filtering through paper.

V60 size options. Most versions of the Hario V60 come in three sizes: the 01, 02 and 03. The price difference between these is minimal, and shouldn’t be a concern for most.

For standard doses of around 12g-14g, the smallest size 01 V60 is your best bet. This is for those who consistently brew around 200mL of coffee for personal consumption, though it has a little more room for mornings that you need an extra kick.

There are plastic, glass, ceramic, stainless steel and copper V60 dripper . So what material for V60 dripper is better?

It really depends on your sales market. If you are aiming for quality and environmental protection, then ceramic filter bowl is a better choice.
Because ceramic bowls give a trusty texture, especially those produced by DHPO, they have a matte finish, so they look elegant and are easy to clean. And the ceramic filter cup has stronger thermal insulation.
DHPO ceramic v60 dripper factory makes very popular because there are 7 different colors to meet customers’ needs for different colors!


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