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the best coffee gears

Find the best coffee gears from DHPO coffeeware brand!

With the amount of money Americans spend at coffee shops each year, it’s no surprise that at-home machines are rising to meet the demand. Providing gourmet flavor from the comfort of your own kitchen for less. Whether you’re looking for a coffee French press or Pour over coffee maker or a Moka pot, you could find the best coffee gears from DHPO.

Before even thinking about all the different devices available, all promising the perfect brew. Start with an easier question: which flavor do you prefer? Is it the mellow taste of a mug of drip coffee or a small cup of robust espresso with aromatic crema? Or, maybe you enjoy a strong French press brew complete with flavorful oils? Or a cup of clean aroma pour over coffee? Though coffee lovers may debate one method over another for how to make the best cup of coffee. It truly comes down to personal taste and desired level of convenience.

For the mellow taste of a mug of drip coffee, you could consider Drip coffee maker.

Drip coffee makers are classic industry standards for a reason: they have the reputation of making a mellow cup of joe with no frills. Some drip coffee machines even offer integrated grinding. With the touch of a button, they automate the process by measuring and grinding a just-right amount of coffee beans, pouring them into the filter and brewing a pot of coffee.

drip coffee maker

For strong French press brew, DHPO French press coffee maker is good option.

When compared with both drip coffee and other manual methods, French press coffee has a rich and full-bodied taste. Due to the filter type and plunger, this style of coffee includes oil from the beans, resulting in a complex flavor profile and smooth feel.

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For a cup of robust espresso, MOKA pot is your good partner!

Coffee produced by the Moka espresso maker has a strong and sharp flavor. Less caffeinated than traditional espresso, coffee made in the Moka pot contains about 20 milligrams of caffeine per 6-ounce cup. Coffee aficionados use the Moka pot for crafting speciality drinks as well, from Americanos to lattes and cappuccinos.

moka coffee maker

For a cup of clean aroma pour over coffee, DHPO V60 dripper coffee maker set is what you are looking for!

A pour over coffee set makes a bright and vibrant brew when compared with traditional drip coffee. In contrast to other manual methods such as French press, the pour over flavor profile tends to be more mild. This method provides a fully-customizable brewing experience, with prep times ranging from 2-10 minutes. For full customization, brewing enthusiasts use a wide range of tools to achieve a precise pour.

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