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French Press Coffee Presser

The Advantages of the French Press Coffee Presser

The biggest advantage the French Press Coffee Presser has to offer is that it allows users to make a cup of coffee according to their own individual taste.

Users can vary the amount of time that coffee grounds are steeped, the type and size of grounds used. Also can vary the temperature of the water, and other variables.

Most French Press Coffee Presser users say the same thing. It is best to buy coffee beans instead of grounds and grind them yourself. And there seems to be a consensus that coffee should not be ground fine. A fine ground will produce a more bitter cup of coffee.

Another distinct advantage to the French press is that it retains more of the natural oils from the coffee grounds.

Most people agree that the oils are what give the coffee its finest taste. Because a French press does not use a filter as a drip type machine does, the robust natural flavor of the coffee grounds is not filtered out.

One other distinct advantage of the French press that is not often mentioned is its portability. Because the simplified beaker into which the grounds are placed does not have electrical connections, it is small enough to be placed and carried in a hiker’s bag. Water can be heated over a campfire to pour into the press.

So, whether it is at home or outdoors, the French press is a great choice. Many coffee lovers love this product. So this product has great market potential, you can consider becoming the brand agent of DHPO, selling our French press pots with novel design, powerful functions and good quality!

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