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Stainless steel Moka pots can’t make strong coffee as espresso?

Stainless steel Moka pots Can’t make coffee as strong as espresso?

Modern espresso machines brew using 8-10 bars of pressure. That’s 5-10 times the pressure of a moka pot, depending on the machine. Yes, the coffee that moka pots brew is strong and about as close as you can get to espresso without owning an actual espresso machine, but, by definition, it’s not true espresso.

Stainless steel Moka pots
But who cares definition? We only know that we could enjoy expresso without modern machine when we have this Stainless steel Moka pots.
DHPO stainless steel moka pots specifical for discerning coffee afficionados that appreciate a full bodied aromatic cup of espresso. We are excited to offer you our high-quality espresso pot. Espresso is quite a bit stronger and is traditionally drank in smaller size cups.
Stay away from cool machine but brew coffee with fire, that’s amazing exprience and bring us back to old time. We use high quality stainless steel so it works on induction too. Whether you have induction, gas or electric range or even a camping stove you’re just moments away from a strong shot of coffee-happiness. It heats up really quickly and is ready in minutes.

Stainless steel Moka pots

Besides moka pots, we also prepared french press, moka pot, pour over coffee maker and other coffee wares for coffee lovers. Pls view our store for more unique design. Besides, DHPO also offer customized service. Use our unique design product and put your logo on it, then you could have a good product for sale.

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