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stainless steel glass french press

Stainless steel coffee pot delivers smooth consistent flavor

If you are seeking a Stainless steel coffee pot that delivers smooth, consistent flavor, we recommend the DHPO large stainless steel French Press.

French Press Stainless Steel

What’s the difference between DHPO Stainless steel coffee pot and other brands?

Have you seen a french press combined stainless steel and wood? This is one of the features of DHPO large french press. Stainless steel always gives a tough, icy feeling. The logs, however, we think they are warm and soft. The two styles of materials’ combination give a conflicting charm to all users.

Beisdes the conflicting charm appearance, the outstanding press design is also very popular. It comes with double wall stainless steel, so it is very durable. For the inside, DHPO use double layer food grade filter, which is much finer than most. And will keep your coffee almost as grit-free as you get with pour-over.

Once you’ve plunged the press, the filter is also effective at keeping the water away from the grounds, so the water won’t pull out too many of the bitter flavors that come from over-steeping your coffee. The first cup you pour tastes as good as the last.

Therefore, this Stainless steel coffee french press is the first choice of many coffee lovers! There are many different brands of French press in the market and comes with different materials. For example, Bodum French Press. Compare with Bodum french press, this DHPO french press is more unique in design, which is what attracts some consumers.

Besides stainless steel coffee pot, we also prepared french press, moka pot, pour over coffee maker and other coffee wares for coffee lovers. Pls view our store for more unique design. Besides, DHPO also offer customized service. Use our unique design product and put your logo on it, then you could have a good product for sale.

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