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urban elite pour over kit

Slow down, enjoy life with urban elite pour over kit

More and more coffee shops pop up on the streets, I can’t help but wonder, is the coffee made in the coffee shop better than the one made at home, so people are more willing to go out to drink coffee? Actually not. People are just too busy and forget the leisurely time of making coffee and drinking coffee at home. The fast pace of business society has unknowingly affected people’s living habits. DHPO aims to bring products that allow people to enjoy the slow time again, such as this urban elite pour over kit.

Let’s find out what items including in this urban elite pour over kit.

2 pcs of 230ml ceramic cups. Yes! This coffee kit is designed for you to share coffee with your friends or family. Sharing is always a joy, right?

20G manual grinder. A great grinder will transform your coffee experience from the inside out. Your coffee will be more flavorful and delicious.

02 paper filter. If you give this coffee kit to your coffee fan friends, they must think you are very considerate, because even the filter paper is ready. So just take out the coffee beans and hot water, and they can enjoy the fun of making own coffee.

Coffee scale with timer. With the help of a scale, you can easily control the taste of your cup of coffee. Coffee scales allow you to use the same amount of water and the same amount of coffee for every brew. And timer could help you calculate time very precisely.

600ml glass server. With the sound of ticking, watching the coffee dripping into the transparent pot, it seems to have smelled the aroma of coffee, right? And the lab-quality borosilicate glass without releasing chemicals into your coffee.

02 ceramic dripper. This Coffee v60 dripper adopts high-temperature reinforced ceramic material, safe for boiling hot water and dishwasher.

600ml kettle. This Coffee gooseneck kettle comes with stainless steel body, wooden lid and wooden handle. All materials are food safty, eco-friendly. The venting holes effectively discharge the steam to not harm the users with hot steam.

Every single item in this set is carefully designed by our designers. Because we hope to bring you the most assured and convenient product experience. Let DHPO products bring you delicious coffee and the leisure time of slow life.

glass and ceramic coffee set

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