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Simple coffee gear

Simple coffee gear makes good coffee

Coffee—something so simple that brings such overwhelming joy and have happiness just need simple coffee gear. Let’s brew up a pot and breathe in that coffee smell. Let the coffee aroma accompany us to welcome the arrival of Christmas. I know now it’s too late to buy gift for this years’s Christmas, but we will always need coffee, right? So a good coffee gift is never too late. You could have more ideas from recommended products as below.

Coffee canister. In order to storage french coffee bean, an aritight coffee bean canister is necessary, right? Compare with ceramic material coffee jar, more people think stainless steel material is durable and could last for decades. So this Vacuum sealed coffee canister consists of stainless steel inside and out. There are 3 different sizes of this set, they can hold up to 250/500/750ml coffee beans according to your needs.

Vacuum sealed coffee canister

Coffee grinder. If you know something about hand brew coffee, you‘ll know for different coffee brewing methods, the particle size of coffee beans is different. So a grinder with the function of adjusting the scale is very practical. For those with insufficient space or low budget, Coffee grinder burr have the advantages of being smaller and cheaper than electric grinders. Like electric grinders, hand grinders also come in various shapes and sizes, and are distributed in a variety of different price bands. However, advanced hand burr coffee grinder are much cheaper than electric grinders of the same level. And It also takes up less space.

hand burr coffee grinder

Coffee gear. When you have right size of coffee powder for french press, pour over or Espresso, then you could find the right coffee gear. We have ceramic or stainless steel french press coffee makers, pour over coffee maker and moka pots, you could find the right one for yourself, your family or friends.

ceramic pour over coffee set

OEM and ODM service is available. For high-end coffee ware market, DHPO products could help you earn more money and have more market share as well. You could contact us for more information.

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