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If you are looking for a fool-proof way to get an exceptional cup of coffee, it’s time you invest in a coffee scale.

Have you ever had a cup of coffee and thought, Wow, that’s great, I want to drink this every morning? With the help of a scale, you can. Coffee scales allow you to use the same amount of water and the same amount of coffee for every brew. Once you’ve dialed in a particular coffee, then, you can recreate it daily until it’s time to buy a new bag.

What Is The Best Way To Use Coffee Scales?
How you use the scale depends on how you plan to brew, and which brewer you’re likely to use.

Using A Portable Brewer?
If you plan on using a brewer that you can set directly on the scale, such as a Melita or a ​Chemex set the brewer on the scale with the filter and tare it. Add ground coffee until you reach the desired grams of coffee, and then go ahead and brew like normal.

Making Espresso?
Tare the portafilter on the scale and then grind coffee directly into the filter like normal, checking the weight as you go. Smooth, tamp, and brew as usual.

Regular Coffee Maker?
Set just the filter on the scale, tare, add the desired amount of coffee, and then stick the whole filter with the coffee into your coffee maker like usual.

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