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DHPO brewed coffee ware

Meet the professional coffeewares teawares manufacturer in China!

DHPO is a professional and esteemed manufacturer of various coffeewares and teawares products in China. Including mugs, coffee sets, tea pot, French press, V60 drippers, grinders and kettle, scales etc.

Over 20 years of facility improvement and state-of-art production technique development. We have obtained world-class reputation among global top buyers in Europe, Russia and America. With highly creative R & D team, we can offer better value added service, more consistent qualified product, creative design to help you achieve bigger market share in your area.

Dedicated to you because you want only best for your customer.

DHPO product is the time of happiness that symbolises the emotion assoiated between your life style and cup of coffee or tea.

A perfect coffeeware/teaware is simple combination of several elements. Such as shape, color, style, size which produce that is infinitely superor to the pleasure of coffee drinking. At DHPO professional coffeewares teawares manufacturer, our products are designed with combination of several elements. Such as ceramic, stainless steel, glass and wood.

It is always for DHPO coffeeware take short break or drink coffee with friends.

Our products also dedicated to hotel, restraunt, cafeteria to meet different market segment needs, in which DHPO has always paid to utmost attention. DHPO products also suitable for using as premium gift ideas for famous brands!

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