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V60 kit pour coffee dripper and coffee mug set


Your first pour over coffee kit. This v60 kit pour coffee is enough for making coffee for yourself everyday. We highly recommend it for beginners who are starting to brew coffee for the first time. There are these items in the set, a V60 ceramic coffee dripper 02size and ceramic coffee mug. We use high quality ceramic material to make this coffee set. And use premium gift box to pack them, inside the gift box is thick foam padding.

The V60 kit pour coffee set is a pour-over coffee kit with well design. And it is easy to use even you don’t know how to make coffee. It makes the brewing process simple and easy to execute even for a beginner. The V60 dripper uses conical form filter papers and the inside of the dripper is spiral formed to make the water swirl better and result in an more even extraction.

Food grade glaze. We all know that if the color glaze is not environmental, it will release substances harmful to the human body. We use specially formula color glaze for the dripper and coffee mug, so it is food-safe, lead-free and cadmium-free. And from appearance, it is matte effect and looks more elegant. The material is safe, so you can use this coffee set to brew coffee every day, it is healthy and no harm.


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