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v60 kit ceramic dripper pour over set


Start your day with coffee. Pour-over cones are typically used to make a single cup of coffee at a time. You place the cone on top of your mug and filter the extracted coffee right into the cup, using a new filter each time. This is how coffee lovers start a new day, we recommend this v60 kit ceramic dripper with mug to you. The mug is 450ml, it is suitable to make coffee with 20g coffee ground based on ratio 1:16.

High quality coffee makers. Most pour-over dripper have wide bases that will fit on top of the carafe or mug. So you can make your coffee right into it easily. The v60 kit ceramic dripper is both microwave- and dishwasher so you can heat up your coffee or keep it warm, and also easy to cleam. Both dripper and coffee mug’s material is thick ceramic, so that keep the warm of coffee for a longer time during pouring.

Large capacity mug. A good ceramic coffee mugs needs to hold a lot of coffee, especial for a coffee addict. DHPO coffee mug has a large capacity. It holds 16 oz at its max. The cup is 3.4 inches(top cir.), 3.8 inches(bottom cir.), 3.8 inches(height). Perfect size for coffee, hot chocolate, beverage and even tea cup.


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