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V60 dripper pour-over coffee maker set


Brew Like A Barista: Elegance, convenience and fresh brewed taste is all included in this V60 dripper pour-over coffee maker set, which includes a porcelain pour-over cone and a 600ml porcelain serving carafe with a wooden lid. This brewing method gives you complete control over your pouring style. Such as grind size, saturation of grounds, water flow and temperature, frequency of pours and brewing process time. All of these variables make a distinct difference in the type, taste and texture of the coffee. For example, for a fuller flavor, use more grounds, or for a lighter flavor, use fewer grounds—you decide. Adjusting the amount of water and pouring water slowly and evenly comes a lot easier with the kettle.


Functional Design. Dripper pour-over coffee maker set included a 600ml Carafe features a drip-resistant spout design. You can use this carafe as teapot as well because there is a 304 stainless steel tea infuser inside. So this is a multifunctional server.


The Best Way to Brew: Pour-over brewing makes the best coffee; Just place a paper filter in the pour-over, scoop in your favorite coffee, pour hot water over the grounds and enjoy freshly coffee made by this V60 dripper pourover coffee maker set.


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