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V60 dripper pour-over coffee pot with ceramic and wooden lid


In the United States, 75% of adults are coffee drinkers, and 49% of Americans report drinking coffee every day. The most common method for brewing is with a standard electric coffee maker, but methods like the French press, espresso and cold brew are also gaining popularity. Since farmers can cultivate coffee beans in almost any tropical climate, each cup brings a different texture, flavor and aroma. This is the charm of hand brewed coffee, although not every cup is very standard, but each brewing will have a different flavor of surprise. So having this V60 dripper pour-over coffee pot to start your morning with coffee.

Easy to use. You can use this V60 dripper pour-over coffee pot to brew coffee follow the below method.
1. Heat the water to your desired temperature — most people use a gooseneck kettle, as it helps control the flow of water.
2. Put the filter and coffee grounds in place — preferably fresh-ground.
3. Add enough hot water to wet all the coffee grounds.
4. Stop pouring and wait for about 30 seconds.
5. Continue pouring the water over the grounds at a slow and consistent rate.
6. Stop when you’ve produced the desired amount of coffee.

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