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V60 dripper ceramic mug coffee pour over kit


Best coffee brewing method. If you are a genuine coffee connoisseur like us, you know there are so many brewing options available to make the best cup of coffee for your caffeine needs. Such as V60 pour over, Chemex, French press and drip methods by the fact that they are manual, they are by no means the same. According to our research, v60 pour over is the best coffee brewing method for home. It is easy to make hand brew coffee with V60 dripper ceramic.

V60 dripper is unique. Why does V60 Pour over coffee need a separate category when it’s just another pour-over method? While the method is similar, the resulting cup of v60 Pour over differs substantially. This V60 dripper ceramic features a special funnel design with grooves that guide the water and create separation. Some others doesn’t have. It is single big hole design, the water flow speed is slower than other dripper with 3 holes.

Large ceramic mug. This ceramic mug comes with thick ceramic, more durable and can keep warm for longer time. 450ML large capacity makes this mug very suitable for daily use. When you use it to drink a large cup of coffee to satisfy your caffeine needs throughout the day.


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