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V60 drip assist pour over coffee maker


DHPO V60 Ceramic Dripper. Sleek, stylish and suited for the most special of speciality coffee. If you’re already a seasoned V60 user, maybe it’s time to upgrade. This ceramic v60 drip assist is the ultimate in sleek, minimalist design. What’s more, it boasts greater heat retention, keeping your coffee hotter as it brews. Treat yourself to better coffee, with a better brew tool.

Hand brew coffee dripper. Coffee pour overs allow you to extract optimum flavor from your favorite ground coffee. Our popular v60 drip assist with1 big hole system keeps the coffee from flowing through too quickly and provides the proper brewing time. There are a few options in drippers: the single-hole dripper, the three-hole dripper, and the big-hole dripper. We like the ceramic single-hole drippers because it lets the coffee spend the optimal amount of time in contact with the water. The drippers with a large hole are experiencing an uptick in popularity in the specialty coffee world, because they produce a cup of coffee more quickly.

Buy from DHPO. You don’t need to worry about quality, we use eco-friendly material to make this dripper. And we all know that, ceramic is one of the best material to brew coffee. What’s more, we have 365 days good exchange service to ensure you receive satisfy products.


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