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V60 coffee maker DHPO new design


More benefits dripper. Coffee tastes best when it is fresh, the flavors begin to change in as little as 10 minutes after brewing. Our v60 coffee maker makes it simple to brew more often, you can make fresh coffee everytime according to your needs. No need to make a full pot of coffee and drip bad taste coffee when it become cold. Use a coffee dripper for one, making a fresh rich cup of coffee every time.

Make cafe quality coffee easily. Follow the step by step instructions, you’ll see how simple it is to use this v60 coffee maker. All you need is your own ground coffee and hot water in the kettle. Take your favorite coffee mug of serving pot, then wait for good taste coffee. If you haven’t find a good manual grinder or kettle, you could contact DHPO as well. We have full range of useful coffee wares. Luxury but affordable.

Perfect gift for many occasions. What? You have no idea what you should give to your friend as birthday or Christmas or New Year gift? Take this v60 coffee maker. Pick up a pour over for the next time you need a hostess or housewarming gift, you could even add a set of 4 coffee cups. Everytime when your friends use this coffee maker, they will think of you. And you just bring a wonderful coffee wares to their life.


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