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V60 02 dripper ceramic coffee maker


Natural Materials: This V60 02 dripper is made of high-fired ceramic which is a clean, healthy and natural material. For its durablity, so it can serve for a long time with out losing its functional quality and appearance. And the matt ceramic makes it appeas high end.

Fresh Your Home: There are seven colors of this ceramic V60 02 dripper for option, including black, white, green, yellow, blue, grey and red. With these oustanding color, your living room or kitchen will be more fresh and vivid. Get one to decorate your house and keep a good mood everyday.

Dishwasher Safe: For the unique materials, this ceramic V60 dripper with handle is safe for dishwasher. So it is can save a lot of time and really convenient to make it clean. That’s also our design concept-pay great attention to the combination of practicality and aesthetic of life.

Benefits of V60 dripper. Using design elements like its 60° cone angle, large single outlet, and swirling ribs inside of the brewer. You can brew quality extractions coffee time and time again. So those same elements give you surprising control over elements like flow rate through the brewer and total contact time. Pair that with the other controls that come with a manual brewer—recipe, temperature, grind setting, and more—and you get dynamic control over your coffee beyond what nearly any other brewing method can provide.


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