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Tea sugar coffee canisters 3 different sizes



Fresh coffee bean is important. One of the largest contributions specialty coffee has made to the coffee-drinking culture around the globe is the idea that freshness and quality are inextricably linked. In other words, the sooner you can brew a coffee after it is roasted, the better. However, many other factors affect coffee freshness such as air, moisture and so on. Use our stainless steel tea sugar coffee canisters to keep your coffee bean in dry and good state.

Convenient design. This stainless steel tea sugar coffee canisters for ground coffee has an inner measurement scale, day and month date dial. And an exclusive CO2 valve that keeps air out and prevents harmful oxidation. There are 3 different sizes as a set, so it is enough to storage a lot of coffee beans.

Retain the freshness: This stainless steel coffee holder consists of a silicone rubber seal (BPA-free), a vacuum lid, and oxygen-tight CO2 filters that will help you to keep your coffee fresh and flavorful. Who doesn’t want fresh coffee beans? This product is definitely worth buying!

For all occasions. Use this stainless steel coffee holder to store all kinds of products – coffee beans, ground coffee, tea, sugar, flour, grain, cookie, candy, dry food, and other bulk products.


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