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tea strainer ceramic cup 500ML tea brewing ceramic mug



There are all sorts of different teapots that you can get, and many types of tea cups and mugs as well. But a tea mug with infuser is always popular and useful for daily use. Maybe you have heard of the brand Forlife. They have a lot of teapots and cups, but we think there can be better products to bring consumers. So DHPO develop this luxury tea strainer ceramic cup. It comes with double thicker ceramic wall and 304 stainless steel strainer. Thicker ceramic means your tea will be warm for longer time.

Particular material. Porcelain is an excellent choice, as it is easy to clean, resistant to chips and other damage, and it is built to last. It also adds a modern elegance to any kitchen or professional setting. You might also be looking for one that comes with an attached infuser. Tea infusers, like cups, saucers, and pots, come in many different styles. You’ll probably want one that is easy to clean and use and isn’t made with any harmful chemicals. You’re also going to want a mug-and-infuser set that won’t clash with the rest of your home décor. This tea strainer ceramic cup is a good choice.

Besides tea mug, tea pot for tea lovers. We also prepared french press, moka pot, pour over coffee maker and other coffee wares for coffee lovers. Pls view our store for more unique design.


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