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Tea party set ceramic teapot with stainless steel infuser



Take care of your ceramic tea set. Teapots made out of ceramic are incredibly versatile since they can hold in heat well, can be used with just about any type of tea, and are easy to clean. One of the drawbacks of ceramic is that it can break if treated roughly or dropped. So use a bit of caution when handling teapots made out of ceramic. As for this Tea party set with thick foam padding suitcase, you don’t need to worry they will be broken during transportation. Therefore, you could bring this tea set to park, to beach and so on.

Cleaning a Ceramic Teapot. Ceramic teapots are generally glazed both on the inside and outside. This glazing creates a non-porous surface, allowing for different types of teas to be brewed in the same pot, as well as making cleaning easier. Soap can be used to clean these teapots. For basic cleaning after use, use hot soapy water and just about any dish rag or brush. A narrow bottle brush can come in handy to clean out the neck and spout of your teapot, for times when leaves might get stuck there and dry in place. Be sure to rinse the teapot thoroughly after cleaning so your next batch does not have a soapy flavor.

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