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Tea mug with infuser stainless steel tea filter cup



Food grade porcelain. The Tea mug with infuser comes with 304 stainless steel infuser and lid is made of durable porcelain, a type of premium LEAD-FREE ceramic, chip-resistant and more sturdy than stoneware. You can use it for tea, You can also take out the filter. Coffee, cocoa and cereals, drink or water is suitable. So it is a multi-functional tea-for-one tea ware.

Matte finish for outside. The Tea mug with infuser comes with outside is matt, which is very easy to clean. Even there is some water or tea stain, just one swipe, the mug will be clean as a new mug. This is made by our special fomula glazed, so you will see the difference between our mugs and other brands.

Why do we recommend you to sell higher quality products? Because this can bring health to consumers and ensure that every cup of tea they drink is beneficial to them. And it is also good for your brand image! There are so many different brands for tea ware, DHPO is on the high-end market. If you want to sell high-end tea and coffee makers, our products can meet your needs. In addition to tea cups and teapots, we also have a series of hand-made coffee utensils, such as French press pots, hand brew coffee pots, etc.



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