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Stainless steel V60 dripper ceramic mug


Expertly designed. Purposefully crafted this stainless steel V60 dripper in a ‘v’ shape on a 60 degree angle to give the optimum water flow through your coffee for maximum flavor and minimal sediment in the cup. The V60 Coffee Dripper (also referred to as the V60 Coffee Maker), the name stems from the shape of the device. No need to insert filter paper into the V shape because this dripper’s material is stainless steel. You can put coffee grounds into dripper directly. Then the brewed coffee then drips into your cup, delivering a great coffee.

Thoughtful design details – -This stainless steel V60 dripper is made of stainless steel material, it is sturdy,durable and easy cleaning. The reusable filter eliminates paper waste, saves time and money. The mesh design allows for coffee to flow through quickly, easily without any coffee grinds in your cup.

Perfect pour over coffee set. For this coffee set, there is a stainless steel V60 dripper and coffee mug. You can use the dripper over a coffee mug, carafe or beaker, you can make 1-2 cups of fresh ground coffee. And the ceramic coffee mug is multiple usage design, you can use it to drink coffee, tea or water. 450ml capacity for the mug, which is perfect size for daily drinking at home or office. While busy living and working, don’t forget to drink enough water.


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