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Stainless steel french press 1000ml large coffee maker


Model No.: CPA1000-05A
Product name: Doule walled SLS French press
Description: Double walled 304 SLS pot+hourglass timer+wooden handle+304 SLS plunger
Size: D100*H185MM
Capacity: 1000ml


First option for coffee lovers. A cylindrical pot with a plunger and built-in filter screen that presses hot water through ground coffee. That’s the simple beauty of the Stainless steel french press, method of choice for many all over the world, creating an earthy, rich taste in your daily cup of coffee.

The secret is all in the grind. For french press coffee, we should choose medium, with uniformity and consistency throughout. Very coarse grinds may clog the filter, while very fine grinds will pass through the filter, muddying the results. How to control the coffee grinds? With DHPO coffee grinder, it comes with adjustable grinding selector for 24 clicks. Either you need coarse coffee for french press or fine coffee for pour-over coffee, having this grinder is enough.

Make french press by easy way follow steps.
1. Place the Stainless steel french press on a dry, flat surface. Hold the handle firmly, then pull out the plunger
2. Add a heaping tablespoon (10 grams) of coffee to the pot per 160 ml (6 oz) of water, this is coffee for one. Or you could add 20 grams of coffee to the pot per 350ml of water to brew coffee for 2.
3. Pour hot water—not quite boiling—into the pot, and gently stir
4. Carefully reinsert the plunger into the pot, stopping just above the water and ground coffee (do not plunge yet), and let stand for 3-4 minutes
5. Press the plunger down slowly, exerting steady pressure
After each use, wash the pot with water and mild detergent, and dry thoroughly


Additional information

Weight 1.25 kg
Dimensions 25 × 23 × 13 cm


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