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Stainless steel coffee grinder for hand brew coffee



Good features. The conical burr made by S136 stainless steel grind more consistent coffee particle size than ceramic. This Stainless steel coffee grinder for sale works more durable and makes less noise. More than 24 clicks choice from fine to coarse. Compared with a flat burrs grinder, the proportion of fine powder produced by the conical burrs grinder will be much smaller. And the coffee grinding uniformity will be greatly improved. This hand grinder has stainless steel burrs which means it can be consistent across all grind size adjustments unlike other grinders with a similar promise. If you’re grinding for an espresso, aeropress, filter or even french press, it’s got you covered.

Large capacity. This Stainless steel coffee grinder for sale can hold coffee ground total capability is 30g, grind 20g for espresso takes about 30 seconds, grind 30g for pour over takes about 45 seconds. To understand how to calibrate coarseness and choose clicks, pls read the manual or images.

Multi-purpose usag. For cold brew, french press, drip coffee, pour over, aero press, espresso and turkish brews. This coffee grinders for sale has a removable hand crank, drawstring bags, EVA case. Enjoy it at home, office, hotel and portable for traveler hiking, backpacker and outdoor camping.


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