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Small ceramic cup for coffee and tea



The most common materials is ceramic. Among the commonly used materials in the product, the Small ceramic cup is one of the more common materials in life. I believe everyone is familiar with it. Most people should use it. Ceramic are also commonly used in several kinds of water cups materials. It is safer and more widely used. As we all know that ceramic cups arr almost good for fill with any liquid beverage. So you could use this product to match coffee pot ,tea pot as a good gift set.

There are many advantages of ceramic cups. It is resistant to high temperature and easy to clean, and the heat conduction is slow. It is not hot like pouring a hot water like a glass one. The heat transfer of the Small ceramic cup is relatively slow. So the ceramic cup is safe and corrosion resistant. Very good, as long as it is used properly, it can be used for many years. Of course, the ceramic cup has a relatively good thermal insulation effect in addition to material safety, and there are a series of numerous advantages such as environmental protection and pollution-free products!

All-match cups. This cup is popular simple design with small size, so no matter for brewing coffee and tea, you could use it for daily drinking.



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