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Single cup pour over dripper coffee set


Ceramic dripper or stainless steel? We preferred the ceramic/porcelain drippers to the stainless steel models. While stainless steel options have the benefit of not needing a paper filter (which not only saves money but is also more eco-friendly), we found they do allow small particles to seep into the coffee. That means you get a cloudier color, a less-crisp taste and that grounds sometimes find their way into your cup. We experienced none of those issues when we used paper filters. This ceramic dripper is suitable for 02 size filter paper, a single cup pour over coffee’s wisely choice.

How to select coffee maker. If you have requirements for coffee quality, you will buy good coffee beans, then a good set of Single cup pour over maker is essential, otherwise will be a waste for expensive coffee beans. You can select coffee maker follow below steps.

  1. Keep warm temperature. According to research, coffee tastes best when it is fresh, the flavors begin to change in as little as 10 minutes after brewing. During the brewing process, you should choose a dripper with a material that absorbs less heat, for example, ceramic dripper.
  2. Filters. Ceramic coffee dripper required a paper filter, and, when you use a paper filter, it can filter more coffee particles to enjoy a pure cup of coffee.
  3. Brew time: Finish brewing within 3 minutes. As we know, the more holes there are, the smaller the possibility of blockage, the faster the flow rate, and the higher the requirements for manual punching process. The dripper with a large single hole, it mean the dripping speed is slower, it is more easy to control the coffee dripping.


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