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Pour-over set v60 kit ceramic dripper ceramic mug


Ceramic VS plastic. What is the difference between ceramic dripper and plastic dripper? The main difference between the ceramic and plastic V60 is heat retention. The ceramic will retain heat and can be pre-warmed, creating a stable temperature. Depending on who you are this may not make a huge difference but we prefer the ceramic as the plastic sucks some heat out of the water/coffee. In addition, some people worry that even BPA FREE plastic materials will release some harmful chemicals after long-term use. After all, plastics are not 100% safe materials. Ceramic is a material that can be used with confidence, because its production process has withstood a high temperature of up to 1250 degrees Celsius, and the raw material of ceramics is from soil, which is very safe. Therefore, we use ceramic material for pour-over set v60 kit.

Flavor coffee maker. This pour-over set v60 kit is easy to operate. There is a dripper features a large central opening so your coffee drips directly into your mug as it brews. Yes, you can even watch the dripping throught the space between the dripper and mug. If the water flow is too fast, you can adjust the grinding size of coffee powder. The coffee grind should be finer.


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