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Pour over dripper coffee set with wooden handle


Eco-friendly coffee ware. This popular high-fired ceramic Pour over dripper coffee set is reusable, and because of its durabliy, it can serve for a long time without losing its functional quality and appearance. This luxury high-fired ceramic V60 dripper coffee set is at 60° angle. So it can perfectly combine with paper filter,help better accentuate coffees. And with its cone shape, it is the perfect coffee wares for making hand-made coffee.

Ceramic V60 dripper. This dripper was brought to the coffee geeks’ attention by the third-wave coffee revolution. Which is all about quality coffee and pour-over methods in place of espresso italiano. This is also where the name of alternative brewing comes from. Coffees made this way are alternative to those brewed in a pressure coffee maker.

Multiple match. This high-fired ceramic Pour over dripper coffee set comes with a wooden stand, so you can directly put on coffee mugs. We can also use this dripper with coffee server as a single dripper. If you want to try the ceramic dripper with glass serving pot, that’s suitable to match too.

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