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Pour-over coffee maker hand brewing coffee


Pour over Coffee: Pour-over coffee maker allows you to brew an excellent cup of Coffee in minutes. Easy to brew coffee and easy to clean. Drip coffee pots have a way of mellowing out a coffee’s most interesting flavors. Pour over brewers seem to highlight them. And there’s a good reason. When you brew pour over coffee, there are no water temperature limitation, no recipe you’re stuck with, no set-in-stone water pouring technique that’s unchangeable. As a result, most people find it easy to brew coffee that’s more nuanced and delicious with a pour over brewer than a drip coffee pot.

Stainless steel: For this Pour-over coffee maker set, includes a stainless steel stand that holes v60 dripper. This unique design make manual pour over Coffee maker is more outstanding. This stainless steel bracket can support the ceramic dripper. During the brewing process, you can see the dripping process of the coffee. So you can enjoy the fun of brewing coffee by hand.

V60 ceramic dripper: This manual pour over Coffee maker comes with V60 ceramic dripper that helps extract your coffee’s aromatic oils and subtle flavors with a paper filter. And there is a 600ml ceramic serving pot, enough for serving coffee for 2-4 persons.


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