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Pour over coffee kit DHPO premium suitcase coffee set




Contains everything needed for hand brew coffee. This Pour over coffee kit comes with a luxury giftbox. Inside the coffee set, there are a full set of coffee wares you need to hand brew coffee. They are 2*230ml ceramic coffee cups, coffee scale with timer, 20G manual grinder, 02 paper filter, 600ml glass server, 02 ceramic dripper and a 600ml kettle. This coffee set will definitely be popular with coffee lovers.

Most popular pour over coffee set. For the 600ml pour over coffee set, including one V60 dripper and 600ml serving pot. A wooden sleeve cover the neck of serving pot which could prevent hot water from scalding hands. And from the appearance, this serving pot is also very elegent. With two cups, you can enjoy coffee with friends and partners.

Enjoy luxury products and life. High-end quality product brings different experiences to your life. I think this is the meaning of our hard work. After hard work, when you want to travel, you can take this high-end Pour over coffee kit, put it in the trunk of the car, and set off immediately. In the park, on the beach, on the mountain, you can brew delicious coffee anytime, anywhere, accompanied by the beautiful scenery, and enjoy the moment of relaxation.

Great gift choice. Not only because of the appearance but also have very powerful functions. So you can believe us, this is a very good gift choice for your friends, families especially when they are coffee lovers. If you in the coffee industry business, you can find a good market with DHPO coffee wares as well.


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