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Pour over coffee dripper coffee brewer


Unique design coffee maker. This Pour over coffee dripper crafted in a ‘v’ shape on a 60 degree angle to give the optimum water flow through your coffee for maximum flavor and minimal sediment in the cup. This handmade ceramic will look beautiful in any home! As for this coffee maker set, there is a 600ml server, its material is ceramic as well. We put a 304 stainless steel tea infuser inside the pot. So it is a coffee serving pot and a teapot depends on your needs.

Cafe quality flavor. Use this Pour over coffee dripper and produce high quality coffee in a matter of minutes. Some fresh ground coffee and a Size 02 filter paper are all you need. Then you can become the barista by brewing café quality coffee in your own home every single day! Yes, it is user friendly design, even you just start the hand brew coffee jounry. You don’t need to worry if you can’t make good taste coffee.

Premium coated ceramic. The fully insulated ceramic dripper and serving pot are easy to clean, guaranteed not to scratch or fade. Ceramic is proven to be sturdy, chemically resistant and will not rust giving you a quality design to be used for years to come!


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