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porcelain coffee pour over factory makes high quality coffeeware


Today I’d like to introduce a new pour over coffee maker for you, you could wholesale pour over coffee set at coffeewares at porcelain coffee pour over factory as well.

Product name: wholesale pour over coffee set

Model number: CZ-08A
Description: ceramic server+wooden stand&lid&handle+ceramic dripper
Size: 124*169mm
Capacity: 600ml
There are 7 colors available: Black, white, gray, red, yellow, blue, green

Practical and artistic nature coffee maker. The design of the cup of this coffee maker set is based on polygon, which make the coffee maker features the simple and clean line and beautiful contour. The rim of the brewer is designed to be a large curve that creating a distinctive silhouette.

Kepp coffee warm. This coffee cup comes with durable ceramic. It keeps coffee warm better than glass and metal and extends the time for coffee to cool. The conical filter can make the coffee powder pile higher, make it easier to inject water with drawing circles, which is conducive to uniform steaming.

Less trouble of blacking when filtering. There is a big hole at the bottom of the conical filter to make sure there is no more trouble with blocked filter holes. And you can better control the flavor of the coffee by changing the speed of water injection.

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