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Moka Pot Stovetop Espresso Maker Moka Pot



Classic and contemporary design. Moka pot espresso maker body through polishing design, three ring precision thread and imported safety valve to make your use process more secure. The advanced wooden handle has excellent thermal insulation effect, and the curve of the handle is ergonomic.

Top quality stainless steel.  Made from food-grade stainless steel that has strong anti-corrosion and rust resistance, has superior longevity when compared to aluminium designs. High quality seals and steel basket/filter. Inbuilt safety pressure relief valve for your safety to ensure over pressurisation does not occur. And make the coffee that makes more mellow, bring high quality coffee to you to enjoy.

Functionality and easy to use. This espresso maker is made of 304 food grade safe stainless steel, applicable to a variety of stoves including induction cooker,electric furnace, ceramic furnace, (suggest power should be under 1000w, This espresso makers electric flat cast iron heating plate burner for coffee pot is best), alcohol furnace and gas stove. So the wooden handle for easy comfortable handling straight from the stovetop.

Eco-friendly, user-friendly. Nothing beats our Moka pot when it comes to your health, safety and protecting the environment! It doesn’t release micro-particle while brewing your delicious coffee, unlike other classic aluminum Moka pot can. Plus no electronic inside so rest assured it will last a lifetime! Say goodbye to coffee pods/capsules or paper filter and help nature breathe again with our modern espresso pot, pour over coffee maker, cold brew coffee pot.


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