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Moka coffee maker stainless steel moka pot



Moka maker. Carefully designed with finely crafted stainless steel and a durable flip-top lid. The Moka coffee maker delivers up to 4 cups to 6 cups of rich, authentic espresso in just 4-5 minutes. The Moka stainless steel moka pot is a stovetop coffee maker used to make espresso-like coffee. It uses boiling water to force steam through the coffee grounds. So the coffee bubbles up into the pot versus percolating down like in brewed coffee.

Perfect extraction. Built with a safety release valve that strictly regulates water pressure, this Moka coffee maker stainless steel moka pot provides an even heat distribution throughout the entire brew process. Safe for use on all types of stovetops including gas and induction. So, the ergonomic wood finish cool touch handle and oversized lid knob for easy handling and safe pouring.

Multifunctional design.This coffee pot is suitable for making espresso, espresso macchiato, combo blue coffee, latte, cappuccino, braewe, cappuccino, mocha, American coffee and other coffees, plus your favorite The milk, sugar, and milk foam will complete a perfect cup of coffee. So it is worthy to buy product. If you are also looking for pour over coffee maker, french press coffee maker or tea pot, you could find more designs from DHPO store.


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