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Mini french press stainless steel glass French Press


Model No.: CPA500-01A
Product name: Mini Glass French press
Description: High borosilicate glass body+304 SLS plunger+wooden lid+304 frame
Size: D68*H165MM
Capacity: 500ml


Good design french press is worth to buy. Although good quality stainless steel Mini french press are generally more expensive than their glass counterparts, the investment is well worth it as it’s really a one-time purchase. You’ll be able to hand this thing down for generations to come. And this product is designed with a durable french press frame and a thick glass pot, well protected and beautiful design as well.

Essencial to home or office. This Stainless steel glass Mini french press is suitable for any places, such as home, office, or even school. You can take it to any palces where you are and enjoy you own time.

Maximum flavor. This Stainless steel glass french press can pressed Coffee extracts the perfect amount of essentials oils and acids from the Coffee bean for maximum flavor; the preferred method for brewing for Coffee enthusiasts everywhere. Match this french press with our coffee grinder and coffee cup, then you could have a perfect coffee kit all coffee lovers dreaming about.

Powerful filtration technique. The double stainless-steel screen filters help minimize the amount of residual grounds in your coffee, giving you a cup of pure brewed coffee that tastes as though it’s from your favorite coffee shop.


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