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Mini coffee manual grinder 20g capacity conical burr mill



Grinder for different coffee brewing methods. Different coffee makers call for different-sized coffee grinds; for a French press, you need a coarse grind because it uses a wire filter. This method doesn’t deliver much in flavor, but you can compensate by brewing it for longer. This way, the water soaks in the coarser grains longer. You need a medium grind for a Moka pot as it uses a metal filter, and you want to avoid clogging it up with tiny grinds or the grinds going into the brew. herefore, a mini coffee manual grinder with 12 clicks adjustable grinder selector is a good choice for you. You need a fine grind for espresso because the steam pressure will extract as much coffee from the beans as possible. Generally, a fine grind offers the best extraction because there is more surface area for the water to pass through the beans.

Classic black grinder. Coffee lover needs one Mini coffee manual grinder if you want to enjoy hand brew coffee during travelling. Because manual grinder works without any power support, so you could use it on the way. 20g capacity is enough to make coffee for one or two cups at a time.  We have two package ways for this product, either pack it with premium gift box or a reusable EVA case.



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