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Mini coffee grinder 20g hand burr grinder



Quiet grinding. Mini coffee grinder is quieter than electric grinders because they do not run at high speeds to grind. No matter what electric grinder is used, the loud operating noise may wake up sleeping roommates, especially when there are sleeping babies or children in the house, you definitely don’t want the sound of the grinder to wake them up. For home use, a hand burr grinder is a better choice.

No electricity. Obviously the Mini coffee grinder does not need electricity. If you make coffee at home or in the kitchen, this may have just little effect, but for those who like to camp and travel and don’t have electrical outlets, this is a great advantage. If you travel a lot, hand burr grinder is suitable for travel. You can easily enjoy freshly ground coffee on the road or in the wild to enhance your taste in life.

Enjoy coffee. In addition to the great taste experience that specialty coffee brings to people, more importantly, it is a relaxed and slow lifestyle. Three or five friends gathered together and took out a hand burr grinder to make french press or pour over coffee, which increased the fun of making coffee and made the coffee making process more atmosphere.


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