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Mini ceramic cup for coffee and tea drinking



Save money. When you pay money for the mini ceramic cup, you need to pay more money than you buy disposable cup. However, ceramic mugs and cups can be seen as long-term money saving options because of the value of durability and reusability they bring. They are quite delicate so you will have to be use them carefully. Once you didn’t drop it on the floor, you could have it for decades or even hundays years. And you could pass them to your next generation. Maybe someday it will become an antique.

Maintains Temperature. Mini ceramic cup are a great choice when drinking hot beverages such as coffee and tea. Because they keep your drink hotter/warmer for longer periods of time. They achieve this beautiful attribute through their heat insulating ability. Ceramic mugs have a high level of insulating properties which allows the temperature of a beverage (hot or cold) to be evenly distributed throughout the contents within the mug.

Easy to use and clean. You could use it for both tea of coffee, even you use it to drink coffee then wash it and use it to drink tea later. There will be no smell of coffee left in the cup. So you could use it to match with your french press coffee maker or tea pot as a great gift set. You could wash it by hand or put it into dishwasher.



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