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Manual drip coffee maker coffee mug


The best coffee. The best coffee for pour over is a single-origin bean. The beauty of the pour over is its ability to highlight intricate flavors when compared to other types coffee makers. The extraction process allows the water to naturally draw out the coffee’s oils and fragrances, which are then caught in the filter leading to a cleaner cup of coffee. Start your coffee jounrey with Manual drip coffee maker.

One dripper, one mug. I said a cup of coffee is your best friend when you are alone. Do you agree? We have this Manual drip coffee maker set for one for you. A ceramic 02 size v60 dripper, a wooden holder for dripper, a iron stand, a ceramic 450ml coffee mug with wooden handle. These are all items in the coffee set. One design, 7 colors available. Whether you like bright color like yellow, red, green or you like classic black, white color, you will find them here.

A brand which start gaining popularity with its coffee-brewing equipment all over the world has a rather short history dating back to 2017. This brand is DHPO.
D—-Deluxe. The positioning of the brand is luxury products, but with an affordable price.
H—-Healthy. The materials of the brand products are all safe, environmentally friendly materials, in line with food safety, and a guarantee for human health.
P—-Personalized. Support personalized customization.
O—-Original. Original design, with more than one hundred design patents.


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