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Manual coffee grinder aluminum alloy grinder



6-axis super fine conical burr. This manual coffee grinder can grind efficiently and evenly and perfectly seperate shell from coffee bean, help brew a pot of better taste coffee. This grinder comes aluminum alloy for outside and stainless steel for inside. Therefore, although it has only a few moving parts all of which are normally manufactured to be fairly robust.

Unique deaign. The bottom of this manual coffee grinde is wider, offer users a more pleasant experiance, for it won’t tilt easily. This unque design look also make this product be outstanding when compare with normal grinders in market. And the grinder comes with foldable handle, which is unique design and easy to storage. When you don’t need to use it, it will be space save.

Adjustable grinding selector. This kind of manual coffee grinde can grind from coarser to finer.You can choose the thickness of coffee powder particles according to your needs. And it can meet the requirements of a variety of professional coffee appliances. Such as french press, v60 pour over, cold brew and moka pot.

Portability. The best thing about a Manual coffee grinder for me is the size and transportability. You could put it into backpacks, suitcases and the occasional handbag countless times. They weigh very little and are normally pretty robust.


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