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Large coffee grinder stainless steel burr grinder



Reliable grinder design. Reliable as ever the designers at DHPO keep conjuring up more awesome pieces of tempting gear, this large coffee grinder is a cost efficient hand grinder with the performance of something you’d expect to pay significantly more for. If you’re buying for a barista or someone who enjoys something a little more creative at home, this is perfect.

Grind french coffee. Say goodbye to purchasing pre ground coffee beans, something every coffee lover looks forward to. The large coffee grinder is a lightweight, reliable and consistent hand grinder. Foldable handle and compact size makes it the perfect addition for little trips away.

Adjustable grinding selector. The interior adjustment design of the SLS conical buree grinder allows you to set the grind from fine to coarse. There are 24 clicks in a single round with the interior number. This best coffee grinder 2021 could grind to several brew methods such as french press, pour over, moka and so on.

Built to last quality. The aluminum material of the body grinder is more durable. The burr set design and the dual bearing design allow you for a better consistent grinding experience. This best coffee grinder 2021 is new design from DHPO, it will be your lifelong coffee companion.



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