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Italian moka pot stainless steel stovetop Espresso maker



Geared with fine accessories. While most regular glass or aluminum Moka pot are easy to break or rust over time, our premium stovetop Italian moka pot features with the most durable quality stainless steel making it the greatest present to pass down for a lifetime. Double-filter technology and a safety release valve controls water pressure for that delicious espresso. Always start your morning with freshly brewed and warm aromatic coffee!

Makes Great Tasting Coffee. Italian moka pot is famous of making the best traditional espresso quick & easy. Durable cast aluminum body with pressure valve for higher caffeine extraction and flavor. Depending on bean variety and grind selection, this espresso maker can create foam emulsion or crema. Heat resistant handle and lid knob for secure pouring.

Easy To Clean. Simply rinse with clean water and let all the components air-dry in upright position before reassembling. We don’t recommend you use soap to clean it as it removes essential coffee oils that build up in the pot and give the coffee brew its unique aroma and flavor.

Great Value & Easy To Carry. This Classic moka pot is perfect when on the go. It is made of high-quality and lightweight materials, can be easily stuffed inside your bag or luggage without breaking or bending. Ideal to bring along with you when traveling to places where great coffee may not be available. Bring a manual grinder and a favorite mug with you, start your jounry.


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