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Iced cold coffee maker brew coffee at home


Model No.: CCB500-01A
Product name: Mini Cold brew coffee maker
Description: High borosilicate glass body+304 sls outframe+wooden lid+304SLS plunger
Size: D68*325MM
Capacity: 500ml



Adjustable dripping speed. In the extraction process, because there is no pressure and high temperature, if you want to extract fully, you must adjust the water droplet speed to ensure that the water can completely soak the coffee powder. Normally, the speed is extremely slow, dripping 2-3 drops of water in 5 seconds, the whole process is over, it takes several hours or even ten hours. But with Iced cold coffee maker, you could adjust the dripping speed and shorten the brewing time.

Drink pure coffee. Because of the lack of high temperature or high pressure, many chemical reactions in the extraction process are also reduced. Some of the miscellaneous flavors contained in the coffee beans themselves are not easily released. Therefore, cold brew coffee is the original flavor of coffee. The natural reappearance of the coffee, the extracted flavor is even more outstanding. Maybe the flavor is not strong, but it is very unique and pure. While giving full play to all the ingredients contained in the coffee, there is no other miscellaneous flavors, and it is more smooth. Slippery and thick, which is not achieved by thermal extraction. When you have DHPO Iced cold coffee maker, you can enjoy pure coffee everyday.

Multifunctional design. This product is divided into upper and lower parts. The pot part below can be used as a separate kettle. When you don’t need to make cold brew coffee, it can also be used in daily life.

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