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Ice brew coffee maker made of stainless steel


Model No.: CCB500-01A
Product name: Mini Cold brew coffee maker
Description: High borosilicate glass body+304 sls outframe+wooden lid+304SLS plunger
Size: D68*325MM
Capacity: 500ml



Taste The Difference.There are many people who use hot water to make coffee. And then put it in the refrigerator to cool down before drinking. You could drink ice coffee by this way. But iced coffee made with a real cold brewer has a better taste. Cold Brewing does not destroy these antioxidants so it remains a healthier beverage. Making a chilled glass of barista-quality caffeinated goodness is easier than ever with the Ice brew coffee maker. Make up to 2-4 cups of refreshingly smooth, rich cold brew concentrate that is naturally 65% less acidic than traditional hot coffee. Our unique stainless steel filter will work to maximize extraction and minimize any sediment or bitterness for the perfect brew tailored to your flavors.

User Friendly – Each part of the Ice brew coffee maker has been designed to enhance your brewing experience. DHPO iced coffee brewer maker is very easy to assemble, it will not take you longer than few minutes! All parts are detachable and washable, so you can easily clean it after the use.

Feel The Taste Of Your Drinks – Extract the maximum of your coffee and tea with stainless steel 300 mesh filter of this iced coffee brewer maker. It also provides durability and quality – no need to worry about replaceable filters anymore!


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