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High quality ceramic mug for coffee and tea



Good taste. In order to get the best taste out of your favorite brew, a High quality ceramic mug should be your choice of drinking material. Ceramics are quite neutral in nature which means it does not impact the flavor of coffee or tea in anyway. Allowing you to enjoy the full taste of your favorite hot beverage the way it was meant to be. Image that, when you make coffee by your favorite hand brew coffee maker. You must don’t want to waste any of coffee by using a plastic cup, right? If something smells good we subconsciously believe it will taste better. Which is what occurs with a ceramic mug, where the scent we get when using one is the actual scent of the contents within the mug.

Appliances Friendly. Ceramics are safe to use in microwaves, dishwashers and ovens. Although we won’t recommend regularly using them in those manner if you want to increase the longevity of your mug. Nonetheless, you can always reheat your cup of coffee or tea in the microwave with minimal worry. As long as the High quality ceramic mug is made of high quality pure ceramic and not mixed with any other material like metal or wood, then you can rely on the strength and durability of the mug to be able to withstand heat.


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