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Hand drip v60 coffee maker for wholesale


Keeps Coffee Hotter. The natural properties of ceramic is excellent temperature retention. It is greater resistance to temperatures than similar glass brewers keeping your coffee warmer. Coffee lovers know that temperature has an effect on the flavor of coffee. The coffee brewing process takes about 3 minutes. If you use glass dipper and glass mug, the temperature will spread faster and the flavor of the coffee will lose faster. Therefore, we recommend that you use this ceramic hand drip v60 coffee maker to make daily coffee.

Features of this hand drip v60 coffee maker set. Then you will know why we recommend this product to you!
1. Craftsmanship & Material: Made with great skills of craftsmanship, using the best quality of pottery, with a beautiful glaze that highlights its overall look.
2. Unique Decoration: This coffee dripper and coffee pour over is also going to give a beautiful rustic look when displayed in your kitchen, home, living room, patio, office, studio!
3. Great Coffee Ritual: The unique coffee dripper set is perfect for coffee lovers to enjoy the coffee ritual.
4. Convenience: Portable, convenient for both home and travel use.
5. Perfect Gift: Perfect gift idea for coffee lovers, good gift choice for Father’s day, Mother’s day, Thanksgiving day, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Housewarming.


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