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Hand drip coffee dripper ceramic cup coffee kit


Functional Design. This Hand drip coffee comes with a large single hole. Which provides a consistent brew and eliminates the risk of bitterness, to give the optimum water flow through your coffee for maximum flavor and minimal sediment in the cup. You can use 02 filter paper in the V60 dripper, and pour hot water into coffee grounds. After extraction, the delicious coffee flows into the ceramic coffee mug.

Premium Ceramic. This hand drip coffee maker set has fully insulated ceramic dripper and pitcher are easy to clean. The v60 dripper is dishwasher safe and guaranteed not to scratch or fade. Because the material is high-fired ceramic after baking by high temperature up to 1250℃. According to research, ceramic is sturdy material, which is BPA free and non toxic. So you can drink coffee or tea of hot water with our ceramic mug for years and don’t need to worry it will harm your body.

Brew Right at Home: Your perfect cup of coffee awaits at home when you brew with our Pour-Over coffee sets, cones, mugs and kits, just some fresh ground coffee and a size 02 filter paper and you can become the barista by brewing café quality coffee in your own home. If you want to share this good product with your friends, you can purchase it directly from DHPO. If you want to sell this product in your shop, you can contact DHPO’s marketing department to get a very favorable agency price. Become a DHPO agent and earn more profits in the specialty coffee market.


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